Fine Art and Travel Photographer

Sonny Dugal is a fine art and travel photographer living in Charleston, South Carolina, USA. An active member of the Charleston arts community, his work has won dozens of awards over the last 4 decades.

Born and brought up in Burma and India, Sonny moved to the Charleston area in 1980. He has been involved in the decorative arts since then and travels extensively around the world. His passion for uncommon perspectives and abstract vision is revealed in his photography, and his photographs hang in private collections across the world. Although he has never had any formal education or training in photography, Sonny’s travels and wide experiences in advertising, publishing, resort management, retailing, product design, home decor, art exhibitions and contests have brought him an unmatched perspective.

On January 4, 2022 the nationally-accredited organization PEERSPACE recognized Sonny as one of the top Landscape Photographers in Charleston, South Carolina –

”Sonny Dugal offers a unique perspective to the world of landscape and travel photography that we think you’ll love ! He is a self-taught photographer who uses a distinctive digital editing style that presents the world from his fine art vision. Sonny sees clouds as paintbrush strokes, HDR presentations of interiorsthat condense the dynamic range so we can appreciate everything about the scene. He is also an avid people watcher whose photography invites us to see people going about life on streets all over the world.”